Introducing Tokstock — an NFT marketplace on Everscale by Blockchain Family

Blockchain Family
2 min readFeb 21, 2023

At Blockchain Family, we not only develop our own DeFi, GameFi and Fintech products, but also create tools to optimize the Everscale user experience. For example, Ever Name — a Web3 application for creating convenient domain names, as well as the engineering support we provided for the Broxie NFT project. Today we are pleased to present our brand new product — Tokstock, an NFT marketplace on Everscale.

NFT marketplace with perfect usability

Tokstock is a trading platform where users can quickly and conveniently purchase NFTs on Everscale. We aimed to create a fully informative marketplace with intuitive UX, so that users get a full-fledged service for searching, analyzing, buying and selling NFTs.

Browse collections, explore trends, study NFT items and pay in different currencies — we have made usability the main goal when creating

Full-text search and filters

Search by collections or NFTs and use a variety of filters to find what you need.

Analyze before you buy

At Tokstock, we strive to give users all the information they need to make the best decisions possible. With our tools, users can follow how the value of the selected NFTs has changed and explore information about past owners and auctions. Each NFT item comes with comprehensive data about activity statistics, transfers, sales, views and bids.

Payments in any currency

Buy and sell in a variety of currencies, including USDC and USDT. You don’t need to convert it into a network’s native coin.

Ecosystem development

We aim to bring the future of decentralized finance closer, and we clearly see how to do this using Everscale technological advantages. That’s why the continued evolution of the blockchain ecosystem is one of the most important tasks for our team.

Some of the Tokstocks’ smart contracts are available on our GitHub. We will constantly share our updates, so that the Everscale network can continue to grow the collaborative effort of the whole community.



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