EverName: main features, integrated products and our plans for the nearest future

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2 min readMar 29, 2023

Nikita Nikitinsky, Blockchain family product owner, gave an interview about Evername — a Web3 domain name system on Everscale. In this article we summarized the main points, to read the full text follow this link.

What is EverName

EverName is a Web3 domain name system on Everscale that allows to use one short name instead of a long address. Each domain is a single NFT that can be accessed, transferred, and sold easily right from a browser.

EverName’s main advantage

Evername offers a single domain name for all services in the Everscale network: users can link this name to their wallet, Web3 applications and websites. More Everscale’s products will be integrated with EverName in the future, and the value of each domain will increase over time.

How to use EverName

EverName lets to access, transfer, and sell domains directly from your browser. You can buy domains with a length of 4 to 126 characters, learn more about it.

Current results

More than 1,500 domains have been sold already or listed in auctions. The total amount of locked EVER is 300,000 EVER. All EVER tokens received as payment for .ever domains or for their renewal will be burned. The circulating supply of EVER will thus be decreased, and that will increase the overall value of the remaining EVER in circulation. Now we’re focusing on improving the UX, developing new features and working on more integrations with products in the Everscale ecosystem.

Read the full article here.



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